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Based in France's Loire Valley, Ateliers Perrault is one of Europe's largest and most versatile architectural manufacturers, combining window and door production with fine carpentry and ironworks.

Their unique company structure allows for all the advantages of industrialized production with the flexibility of handcrafted fabrication, providing long-lasting products with a warranty unequaled by other manufacturers.

The Golden Lion is the exclusive
California Distributor for Ateliers Perrault.

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Founded in 1760, this family firm has over 250 years of hand's-on experience in creating and restoring the finest traditional woodwork for private homes and respected public institutions such as the Chateau de Versailles.

Working in collaboration with the "Architectes des Batiments de France" their workshops have conceived a superior range of joineries combining 19th Century tradition with 21th Century comfort: "The Grands Boulevards."

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Ateliers Perrault
Ateliers Perrault


Designed and manufactured with the quality and attention to detail of traditional windows and doors, with assembled and mitred joints, a "mouton gueule de loup" closing system and classic moldings, the "Grands Boulevards" range meets modern standards for soundproofing and thermal insulation, with additional options available for flame and burglar resistance.

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Ateliers Perrault's windows are highly efficient against air, wind, and water. Performances are indicated according to the AAMA / WDMA / CSA101 / I.S.2 / A440-08:

Air leaks @ 6.27 psf is 0.01 cf.m/ft
No water leaks at 15 psf
Structural windload resistance is rated up to AW60 for Double inswing windows 71''width x 97'' height

The Grands Boulevards line successfully passed the laboratory test for impact and cycling for wind zone 3


Grands Boulevards 58 & 68 ranges hold NFRC certification, overwhelming the EnergyStar required performances with:

Uw = 0.28 Btu/(hr ft2 oF)
SHGC < 0.26
Visual Transmittance = 0.37
Condensation Resistance = 62


When required, the Grands Boulevards 68, allows for flame protection. It is rated in Europe for stoping flame propagation for 1/2 an hour.


Currently, there are two single number rating systems that are widely used: STC and OITC. The STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating has been in use for decades. It was originally designed to assess sound privacy for interior walls, but its use has expanded to cover virtually all types of partitions and partition elements. The OITC (Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class) rating system is relatively new, and it was designed to assess exterior partitions and partition elements exposed to traffic noise.The Grand Boulevards lines have been tested at Architectural Testing Inc. facilities, York PA.

"Grands Boulevards" 58 is rated STC 34 and OITC 29
"Grands Boulevards" 68 is unequally rated STC 44 and OITC 38


With grade 40 forced entry resistance according to ASTM F 588-07, Tested by Air-Ins Inc laboratory, the "Grands Boulevards" doors and windows are at the maximum possible grade of this classification.

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Beacon Hill double-hung window performance includes:

No water leaks at 35 lb/ft2
Air leak at 0.08 ft3/min/ft2 at 6.27 lb/ft2
Gust tested to Beaufort level 12
Bench tested and approved for 30 years and 11,000 cycles.

These result in the highest performance of waterproofing, insulation, and soundproofing.

Ateliers Perrault

French Walnut Entry Door


In addition to the Grands Boulevards style, Ateliers Perrault also restore and reproduce traditional joineries not only from the original pieces, but also using photos, prints, documents, and models.

All pieces are created specifically to order. They are designed and produced to suit your needs, live up to your demands.

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